Raphael Gribetz

Hi, and welcome to my Art Gallery.

Raphael GribetzMy name is Raphael Gribetz and I am an artist who lives in Northern Maine. My wife Nilda and I moved to Northern Maine from New York City twenty three years ago . We live in the small town of Presque Isle located in Aroostook County this is also where I have my studio The works you see here were all created in my studio in Presque Isle.

The themes of my works of art range from natures impact on life in Northern Maine to my own artistic wrestling with human existence. The winters are long and severe here and one has time to delve into and try to understand the influences that drive us. This aspect of my work is an expression of the questions and answers that present themselves to me as I try to understand the point of my existence.

Our HomeNature and Nature’s impact on life here is also an important influence on my work. Magnificent sunsets and seeing the seasons change can create a consciousness that manifests in a kind of freedom that influences one’s artistic quest for fearless self expression. The grandeur of nature in her extreme beauty in every season gives me courage to further my artistic expression.

I hope you enjoy your viewing of my work if you are interested in any of the works you can e-mail me or call me at 207-764-1840.