Raphael Gribetz

Hi, and welcome to my Art Gallery.

Raphael Gribetz

Thank you for viewing my work, my name is Raphael Gribetz and I am very lucky to be living in Northern Maine. The weather here is always interesting and people living here appreciate each other and the quietude we all live in. I am originally from New York City and moved here with my dear wife Nilda thirty years ago. My dear wife Nilda passed away on June 3 ,2015 now I am here with wonderful memories of my thirty five year marriage to my darling Nilda.

Our HomeAs you see my work involves painting and sculpture. I have an MFA from The City University of New York, the themes of my work revolve around questions I have about spirituality, beauty and the dilemmas of our humanness.

If you have questions about me or my work please contact me at, raphaelgribetz@gmail.com or phone me at 207-764-1840. Blessings to your for your interest in my work and I look forward to furthering our connection.

Your friend,

Art Gallery

A Search For Truth
Show at the BTS Center (Portland, ME)

Library Show

Commissioned Crusifix Sculpture